Berman’s Pediatric Decision Making 5th edition

118876180Berman’s Pediatric Decision Making uses an algorithmic, structured approach to lead you to the right diagnosis and treatment every time. Drs. Lalit Baja, Simon Hambidge, Ann-Christine Nyquist, and Gwendolyn Kerby use evidence-based research and flow charts for each presenting complaint or specific disorder to provide quick access to the information you need for effective decision making. With updated drug tables, revised algorithms, and full-text online access at, this streamlined new edition makes it even easier for you to diagnose and manage common clinical problems from infancy through adolescence.


  • Rapidly access guidance on diagnosis and management from algorithms for each clinical disorder.
  • Treat the full range of diseases and disorders with comprehensive coverage of diagnosis, assessment of severity, and clinical management.

Choose the best treatment for each case thanks to indications for surgical interventions as well as expensive diagnostic procedures


  • Access the fully searchable contents online at
  • Stay current on recent developments and make effective decisions for movement disorders, physical abuse in children, sexual abuse in children, eating disorders, ADHD, and other hot topics.
  • Find answers quickly and easily with a new table of contents organized into two sections-Presenting Complaints and Specific Disorders-that reduces the need to flip between chapters.
  • Tap into the diverse perspectives of expert authors from all over the country.
  • Get only the information you need in the streamlined new edition with shorter, more user-friendly flow diagrams and fewer specialized chapters.

Make the right diagnosis every time with Dr. Berman’s unique step-by-step guide


Reviewer: Judy Moreau, MD(Ochsner for Children)
Description: This is the fifth edition of a book that covers most pediatric complaints/problems using easy-to-follow algorithms. The previous edition was published in 2003.
Purpose: The purpose is to provide useful algorithms for addressing pediatric problems.
Audience: Practicing pediatricians are the intended audience, and residents also will find it a useful tool.
Features: This is a comprehensive overview of all systems. A well-laid-out table of contents makes it easy to find algorithms for specific problems. The algorithms themselves are well done and easy to follow.
Assessment: This is a very useful tool for pediatricians. It is a helpful resource for young pediatricians and a good refresher for seasoned pediatricians.

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