Antiplatelet Therapy in Cardiovascular Disease

by Ron Waksman (Editor), Paul A. Gurbel (Editor), Michael A. Gaglia Jr. (Editor)
Edited by one of the world’s leading interventional cardiologists and educators, this new book is created with an eye on giving the reader a solid, practical and clinically-focused understanding of this important class of drugs, from basic science to a clear-headed discussion of complex topics such as combination therapies, drug-drug interactions, and platelet resistance.

This important new book:

  • Begins with a concise but thorough discussion of platelet biology and pathophysiology so that readers understand how these therapies work and why they can also produce such a varied range of complications, from minor gastrointestinal upset, to potentially life-threatening conditions such as neutropenia, a critical shortage of white blood cells.
  • Thoroughly covers platelet function testing, including new, novel techniques.
  • Clarifies current best-practices regarding the use of antiplatelet agents in both chronic and acute cardiovascular disease
  • Reviews of all types of antiplatelet agents – from aspirin to recently approved drugs – including indications, clinical outcomes, and side effects/complications

Written by an international who’s-who of experts in the field, Antiplatelet Therapy also includes an entire section covering the use of antiplatelet drugs in PCIs, including percutaneous valve repair, which makes this text particularly essential to Interventional Cardiologists.

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