Middle Ear and Mastoid Surgery

by Rex S. Haberman (Editor)
From simple myringoplasty to cochlear implantation, this up-to-date reference on middle ear and mastoid surgery is designed for frequent use, easy comprehension, and quick reference. The book describes the latest techniques for virtually every surgery performed in the middle ear and mastoid.This is the first otologic textbook organized not by anatomy or disease, but by operative procedure. This unique structure – each chapter is dedicated to a specific surgical procedure – allows a specialist to easily and quickly refer to a particular operation when preparing for a case.Progressing from simple surgical techniques to more complicated procedures, the book covers: tympanoplasty; the various forms of mastoidectomy; initial and revision stapedectomy; ossiculoplasty; and much more! Key features:- Unique organization designed to complement – not replace – current textbook literature- Thorough descriptions – from initial evaluation to long-term follow-up – of each surgical procedure- Coverage of common and rare otologic diseases – everything from myringoplasty to canaloplasty for atresia- Multiple techniques provided for select procedures – giving you more choices to achieve optimal results for each individual case- Every chapter written by a recognized worldwide expertThis easy-to-use book is sure to become the reference of choice for practicing otolaryngologists. MIDDLE EAR AND MASTOID SURGERY is also ideal for residents who need an easily accessible textbook of modern otological surgical techniques.
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