Adams’s Outline of Orthopaedics 4

by David L. Hamblen, John Crawford Adams, Nigel Raby, Hamish Simpson

This extensively revised and redesigned edition of Adams’s classic textbook on orthopaedicscelebrates its 50th year in print. Renownfor its clear, comprehensive and concise account of the subject the bookwill appeal to undergraduate, postgraduate and trainee surgeons alike.

• New edition of an internationally respected and successful textbook of orthopaedics.

• Gives succinct practical guidance on examination of the limbs and spine – especially useful for exam candidates.

• Provides up-to-date surgical therapies as well as conservative treatment options for orthopaedic conditions.

• Highly praised by reviewers for its clear and lucid text, and for its logical classification of orthopaedic conditions.

• A new author team includes a specialist contributor on imaging techniques.

• The sections on clinical methods and diagnostic techniques have been expanded in particular, those on new imaging modalities.

• Includes recent advances in minimal access surgery.

• Includes expanded coverage of hip surgery, spinal surgery and reconstruction.

• Includes a discussion of the role of genetics in the diagnosis of bone disorders.

• A revised, two-colour page design now matches that of its sister title Outline of Fractures.

• The extended artwork programme now includes more line drawings, new radiographs, MRI and CT scans.

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