Cardiothoracic Surgery

by Joanna Chikwe, David Cooke, Aaron Weiss

This handbook of cardiothoracic surgery covers all areas of adult and paediatric, cardiac and thoracic surgery, and intensive care. It provides rapid on-the-spot access to practical management advice, and succinct overviews of most cardiothoracic procedures.

Every chapter is divided into topics presented across two pages to enable easy reference.
The advice is based on current evidence and guidelines, with references given where appropriate.
The book is practically oriented to provide reliable guidance on the intensive care and in theatre.
There is an excellent intensive care section with pages edged in red for immediate access.
The book has a full index, and a contents list tabled on the back-cover with page tabs to aid navigation.
The book is pocket-sized, with a durable, wipe-proof cover to ensure portability.

This book is in NVA format. Download NVA Reader here!

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