Foundations of Operative Surgery: An Introduction to Surgical Techniques

by Bruce Tulloh, David Lee

Technical expertise in the operating theatre remains a hallmark of surgical practice. Theatre etiquette and instrument handling skills are highly specific to the specialty of surgery, and trainees need to quickly become familiar with them.

This book introduces operative technique in an original way. It first discusses the roles and responsibilities of the surgical trainee and explains some the unwritten rules of behaviour in the operating theatre. It then brings a unique approach to teaching operative surgery by describing operations as a series of generic manoeuvres which, when mastered and put together in the correct order, will allow any procedure to be performed – and prove useful across subspecialty boundaries.

This approach is illustrated using clear diagrams and full color photographs. It is further enhanced through a free DVD comprising 55 high quality video clips taken from live operating sessions which illustrate the various techniques described inside.

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