The Essential Neurosurgery Companion

by Jaime Gasco (Editor), Remi Nader

Presented in a highly efficient question-and-answer format, The Essential Neurosurgery Companion is a portable handbook for quick referencing of key concepts encountered in neurosurgical practice. With a strong focus on the realities residents face each day, the book covers practical issues such as how to apply to residency programs, what to do during rounds, and how to examine patients, as well as more advanced issues in all areas of neurosurgical management.

Key Features:

  • More than 5,000 individual questions with corresponding answers in tabular format distill large amounts of information
  • Detailed color illustrations create visual summaries of complex content
  • A logical progression of difficulty, from basic concepts to high-level surgical topics
  • Reviews both key fundamentals and more advanced clinical concepts in neurosurgery
  • Includes a helpful appendix highlighting surgical anatomy pearls

Residents involved in the practice of neurosurgery around the globe will want this compelling guide in their armamentarium whether for daily rounds or preparing for boards. Clinicians will find it a valuable resource to consult in everyday practice.

This book is in NVA format. Download NVA Reader here!

Download here

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