Facial Rejuvenation Surgery with DVD

by Barry M. Jones, Rajiv Grover

This state-of-the-art reference is your step-by-step visual guide to the very latest approaches to face lift surgery. Full-color photographs and a complementary DVD of operative video clips detail Dr. Jones’s techniques, including his variations on the extended SMAS facelift or lateral SMAS-ectomy, volumetric and short scar facelift, and endoscopic approaches.

• Features full-color sequential photographs of each technique for a step-by-step approach to procedures.
• Includes a one hour DVD of procedural video clips to supplement your knowledge and help you hone your surgical skills.
• Presents Dr. Jones’s preferred procedures in detail, offering you the best “how-to-do-it” advice, so you can achieve optimal outcomes and minimize scarring and recovery time for your patients.
• Offers authoritative advice on which facelift option is right for each patient based on relevant clinical anatomy to help you develop an individual approach to every case.
• Provides detailed discussions on the most frequently performed facelift procedures so you can avoid complications.
• Uses a liberal amount of full-color pre-, intra-, and post-operative photographs so you know exactly what to expect.

• Covers how to approach revision surgery for better outcomes.
• Discusses how to set up a practice, record clinical photographs and notes, perform patient selections, and avoid litigation.

This book is in NVA format. Download NVA Reader here!

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