Radiation Disaster Medicine: Perspective from the Fukushima Nuclear Accident

aKoichi Tanigawa (Editor), Rethy Kieth Chhem (Editor)

While many books are available on disaster medicine, none is specifically devoted to the role of physicians in the management of patients exposed to radiation leakage from a damaged nuclear power plant. Radiation Disaster Medicine aims to fill this void based on the response to the Fukushima nuclear accident. Each chapter addresses principles and practices of radiation medicine within the specific context of that accident. Topics covered include the role of physicians in radiation disasters, the concepts of external and internal exposure, prehospital and hospital response, disaster behavioral health, and radiation emergency response from the perspective of national and international institutions. Most of the contributors are active educators and researchers in radiation medicine with first-hand experience in dealing with prehospital triage and management of patients within secondary and tertiary care hospitals in Japan.

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